Fausto Bellino Tasca


Fausto Bellino Tasca worked throughout Southern California from 1918 until his death in 1937. Although the family has gathered together a good deal of information about his commissioned work, there are still gaps in his story.

We are very interested in any information you might have regarding the whereabouts of the murals he painted for St Peter’s Church in Los Angeles, the mural for Farmers and Merchants Bank, the Redondo Library stained glass, or the paintings for the Villa Cabrini Chapel near Duarte.

Fausto also decorated at least one mansion in Los Angeles for the well-known architect, Wallace Neff, and collaborated with artist colleagues in Southern California including Carlo Wostry, Carlo Romanelli, Tullio Robazza, and Hernando Gonzallo Villa. Any details you might have about these projects, including newspaper clippings, personal accounts, or family photographs would be helpful.

The Tasca family is very interested in loaning or donating all or part of their collection and archive to appropriate arts institutions.

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